St. Andrews, N.B., Canada

     St. Andrews was settled by the Empire Loyalists in the late 1700's. Many Irish imigrants entered the colony through the port of St. Andrews. Most of this ocurred between 1820 and 1860. There is a small island, aptly called, Hspital Island, to the east of the bay where immigrants were first sent before being allowed to enter Canada. It's likely this was the final resting place for many of them. But for those allowed to continue on they either settled in St. Andrews or used it as a jumping off point to many other areas in Charlotte County and beyond.
     Although the Montgomery's likely entered the colony through St. Andrews they continued onward and settled in many areas of Charlotte County. James Montgomery first settled in St. Andrews after arriving from Ireland with his wife Jane. The 1851 St. David, NB census, the first they show up in, indicates that James and Jane arrived in the colony in 1830. I assume he arrived with his first three children who would have all been born in Ireland based on the parents arrival year in the colony. Contrary to the assumption based on the childrens parents arrival in 1830 a death record for Mary Jane indicates she was born in Nova Scotia. At the time of her birth New Brunswick was actually Nova Scotia. So, since she was the eldest child I would now assume that the others were all born in Nova Scotia as well. So, either the arrival date in the 1851 census is incorrect or the birth location on the death record for Mary Jane Lewis is incorrect.
     Records indicate that James and Jane were married in Antrim, Northern Ireland about 1819. Prior to the 1851 St. David, NB census that there are no records that I have located that would indicate they actually had resided in St. Andrews, NB. The birth of James and Janes fifth child, James Benjamin in 1834, was in Chamcook, a short distance from St. Andrews town. This is based on the death record of James Benjamin Montgomery. So, this is the sole record I have found that would indicate they did in fact did reside in the St. Andrews, NB area.
     Like many emmigrant Irish, James and Jane were already in the colony when the "Great Famine" occurred. The famine began in 1845 and contniued for twenty years.
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