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Montgomery - Fourth and Fifth Generation photos

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All photos on this page are from Upper Mills, N.B., Canada taken between 1937-1961

Robert Montgomery riding ""Teddy below and Peter, Connie and Paul (right)


Above: Arthur Montgomery and Pauline Montgomery

Above: Paul Montgomery and Arthur in background

Above: Paul Montgomery on milk truck

Above: Robert Montgomery (r) and Tim Montgomery (l)

Thelma Montgomery with May Dewar and unknown child (above). Paul Montgomery (right) standing in field Upper Mills.

Left: Pauline Montgomery and baby Allan Montgomery c. 1951--53. Above: Arthur Mongomery with Peter on left and Paul on right.

To the right is Robert Montgomery (l) and Eursal Babcock(r) going fishing

Above: Pauline Montgomery with twins Peter left and Paul right. C. 1953-54

Below: Pauline Montgomery with baby Allan Montgomery. C. 1953

Above: Arthur Montgomery on back steps in Upper Mills with twins Peter (l) and Paul (r)

Background photo: Water Street Montgomery Home in Upper Mills (Click here to view)