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Montgomery - Third and Fourth Generation photos - Parents, Siblings

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Left: Siblings - (L) to (R). Arthur Moses, Clark and Doris taken December 2001 in St. Stephen, N.B. Right: James Edward in uniform c. 1940's.

Below: (L) to (R). Moses, son Clark and Ethel taken in Milltown, N.B. C. 1940's. Most likely taken at their home on Riverside Drive.

Below: (L) to (R). Hazel, Arthur, Vera (Honey), Clark, Irene, Doris (Toot) and James taken in Belfast, Maine, June 1988. All were attending sibling Thelmas(Thelly) funeral. Click photo to enlarge

Left: (L) to (R). Izetta, Irene, Vera (Honey), Hazel, Arthur pictured with mother Ethel at one of her birthday parties. C. 1960's - June. Photo was taken at Izetta's home in Stockbridge, MA in her front yard. Missing, Clark, Thelma, James and Doris.

Above: (L) to (R). Arthur and James taken in Izetta's home in Stockbridge, MA Likely taken in late 60's.

Background photo: International Bridge between Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, N.B. from 1947 - Click here to enlarge photo