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Montgomery - Second and Third Generation photos

Carrie Elizaberth Montgomery - Born February 1877 at Leverville N.B., daughter of Izetta Lever and James Montgomery. She married George Edward Armstrong March 21 1900. They had two children. Marvin was born in 1901 and Gladys in 1903. Marvin was killed in WWII and is buried in Coriano, Rimini, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Carrie Armstrong died on September 25, 1953 in Milltown N.B. Canada at 76 years of age. (Click on photo for larger version)

James and Izetta (2nd generation) had at least twelve children and possibly thirteen. Carrie was born in February 1877 as was Olive ... accroding to records. I'm assuming they were twins unless they were the same person. They both had the same middle name .. Elizabeth. I find no further records of Olive after this but do find census records for Elizabeth Montgomery in 1881 and a birth certificate in 1943. She also may have died prior to the 1881 census. Whether there were 12 or 13 I only have been able to locate photos of three Carrie, Josephine and Moses this writers grandfather. These three were children of Izetta (pictured to the right) and James (pictured below)

Carrie Elizabeth Montgomery
Izetta Collins Lever Montgomery

Moses Lever Montgomery (pictured to the right) was this writers grandfather. He was born at Leverville N.B. May 6, 1876. He married Ethel Clark March 4, 1908 in Milltown, N.B. My father, Arthur Moses Montgomery, was the thrd of nine children born Decmber 23, 1911 in Milltown, N.B. Moses died in Milltown, N.B. at the family home February 17, 1942 at 66 years of age. He is buried in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery in St. Stephen, N.B., Canada. (Click photo for larger view)

Moses Lever Montgomery
Josephine Montgomery

Josephine Montgomery was born at Leverville, N.B. June 15 1883. She emmigrated to the United States February 2 1942 and took up residence in Worcester, MA. She resided in Worscester until her death, December 18, 1966. Her niece, Izetta Montgomery Beek had her interred in Greenlawn Cemetery in Housatonic, MA. (Click photo for larger view)

Izetta Collins Lever was born April 11, 1848 in Leverville, N.B. She was the first of eleven children of Benjamin H. Lever and Margaret Reed. She married James Montgomery at 18 years of age. She died of pneumonia May 18, 1908 in Milltown, N.B. She is buried alongside her husband in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery in St. Stephen, N.B., Canada. She was this writers great grand mother.

James Benjamin Montgomery was born in Chamcook (St. Andrews) November 8, 1834. He married Izetta Collins Lever December 8, 1866 in Calais, ME. He died of blood poisoning November 13 1890 in Milltown N.B. He was this writers great grandfather. He is buried in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery in St. Stpehen, N.B., Canada.

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