James Benjamin Montgomery born in Chamcook, N.B. on Novermber 8
James Benjamin Montgomery and Izetta Lever are married, December 8 in Calais, Maine
James Benjamin Montgomery dies at Milltown, N.B., November 13.
     James and Jane had seven children, Mary Jane (1824-1893), John (1826-1895), Margaret (1829 - 1906), Agnes Nancy (1832-?), James Benjamin (1834-1890), Robert (1837-1882) and Sarah (1841-?). It is theorized that the first three were born in Ireland and the remainder born in New Brunswick.
     James Benjamin Montgomery, this writers great grandfather was born in Chamcook, near St. Andrews on November 8, 1834. The only record of his birthplace is his death record. Click on 1890 to view the death record.
     I have assumed his parents were James and Jane Montgomery. This is not based on absolute fact but proximity to age, fathers name and location. He does not show up with James and jane in the 1851 census, however, he does show up in the 1861 Dumbarton, N.B. census with his parents, James and Jane, and siblings. I assume since he would have been 17 years old in the 1851 Dumbarton, N.B. census he likely was off working at a location other than Dumbarton, N.B. It appears he was in that same situation in 1870 where he can be found with what may be his cousin William, in the Coos Grant, N.H. census. His birth is listed as 1834 in N.B. His occupation is listed as a laborer on road.
     He is next found in the 1871 St. David, N.B. census along with his wife Izetta and children, Mary, Anna and Margaret. The 1881 St. David, N.B. census would be the last census James is found in. He was listed with Izetta and his children, Annie, Margaret, Jane, Jessie, Moses, Elizabeth, James and an as yet unnamed child.
Photo - Izetta Collins Lever Montgomery - Unkown Date - Courtesy - K. Babcock collection
Izetta Collins Lever is born at Lever, April 11
Moses Lever Montgomery born at Leverville, N.B., May 6
Izetta Montgomery dies in Milltown, May 18.
Mary Montgomery, the first of 12 children is born at Leverville, N.B.
Alice Montgomery, the last of 12 children is born at Milltown, N.B., , September 30.