Raymond Lever was born in Leverville, N.B. October 6th, 1894. He married Elva Boyd Hill in Oak bay, N.B., July 14th, 1920. They had two children. He died October 31st, 1963 in St. Andrews, N.B. His wife died June 19th, 1931.

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     John Page Lever was born in Leverville, January 29th, 1890. He married Irene Barrett on June 20th, 1917 in Charlotte County, N.B. She was born March 25th, 1894 in Goddenful, Newfoundland. The had three children. John died February 9th, 1941 in St. Stephen, N.B. and Irene died September 2nd, 1990 in McCadam, N.B. Both photos above are of John and center is Irene.

     Harry Lever was born in Leverville June 9th, 1892. He married Margaret Gilman February 1st, 1922 in St. Stephen, N.B. He died August 11th, 1964 in Charlotte County and his wife died April 12th, 1981 in New Westminster, B.C.


     Mary Eva Lever was born in Leverville, February 25th, 1888. She died in September 1961.

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     The photo below has all individuals identified. I just need to find the original photo with the names on it!!

     Margaret Lever McClean and Benjamin Franklin Lever. He was born in Leverville,N.B. July 16th, 1852 and died July 20th, 1924 in Leverville, N.B.