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Levers -The First Generation in Canada

     This writers great grandmother, Izetta Collins Lever, is the connection to the Montgomery family. She married James Montgomery on December 6th, 1866 in Calais, Maine. Her descendants have been traced by others to Germany in 1664. The first of this family, in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, can be traced to origins in the state of Maine. Izettas father, Benjamin Lever was born in Waldoboro, Maine in 1821. Her mother, Margaret C. Reed was born October 2nd, 1826 in Lawrence Station, New Brunswick. Izetta was the first of eleven children and was born in Leverville, Charlotte County, New Brunswick on April 11th, 1846. Interestingly, the 1851 and 1871 St. David, N.B. census indicate that Izettas father and grandfather were both born in New Brunswick. However, the consensus seems to be they were both born in Maine.
     Leverville was not an actual town but a settlement between the communities of Greenock, Rollingdam and Tower Hill nestled in the beautiful ridges that make up the local area. The Levers settled there sometime prior to the St. David, N.B. census of 1851. There is no explanation as to why the area was called Leverville but one can surmise that it was due to the fact that a number of family members were living there in the early part of the 19th century. Like many areas in the ridges names were given out based on geographical landmarks, man made landmarks and yes .... family names. Since many families lived some distance apart using family names was likely a good indicator for the local population to determine who lived where and who owned what property. The names had meaning to local inhabitants who traveled between the ridges to farm the land, saw wood and trade goods among each other.
     The home pictured in the background was the Lever homestead and was likely where Izetta was born as well her's and James Montgomery's thirteen children.

Background Photo - Lever homestead in Leverville, N.B. with Eva, Harry, Ray, Ellenor and Franklin Lever. Click here to enlarge the photo.