Fairhead -The First Generation in Canada

History - Significant events
The birth of Thomas Fairhead, March 22nd in Shrub End, Essex, England.
The earliest record found. Birth of Elizabeth Kettlewell in March at Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.
1901 census states immigration as 1856 but daughter Susan was born June 24th in Upper Mills, NB, Canada.
Marriage in March at Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.
First child, Joseph, born on March 16th in Malton, Yorkshire, England.
Second child, Hannah, born on October 24th in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England.
1852- 1854
                The first records I can find of the Fairheads are actually of Thomas Fairheads first wife, Elizabeth Kettlewell. I have located a record of her parents births. Her father, Thomas Kettlewell was born about 1795 in Felixkirk, Yorkshire, England and her mother born October 26, 1800 in Coxwold, Yorshire, England. They were married in Felixkirk at St. Felix Church on July 14, 1821. Elizabeth was then born March 26, 1822 in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. This makes her family records the oldest confirmed records I have found associated with the Fairhead family. Thomas Fairhead was born March 22, 1828 in Shrub End, Essex, England. Essex is to the northeast of London near the North Sea coast. The first record located is the 1841 Colchester census. It appears that he is living with what may be his mother, perhaps remarried to a man named John Instance (sp). If this is in fact so, then his mother was named Hannah and he had a brother named Joseph, a sister named Susan and a step sister named Hannah. He was 13 years old in the 1841 census which corresponds to his birth, as stated in the 1851 census, as 1828.
  The 1851 Barnsley, Yorkshire census is the only verified record I have of his birth. It also includes his wife Elizabeth and son Joseph. The census states that he was born in Shrub End, Colchester in 1828. Sometime between his birth and his marriage to Elizabeth Kettlewell in 1851 he must have moved from Essex to Yorkshire. I can find no record of him prior to 1851 in Yorkshire so I assume he went as a young man sometime between 1841 and 1848. In 1843 Railroads were opened from Colchester that connected London to the area. This opened up the possibility of travel across England and it's likely Thomas did just that. How and why he chose Yorkshire is anyone's guess. He did however, end up in the Yorks and met and married Elizabeth in March 1848 in Pontefract, Yorkshire, England. Barnsley in the 1840's had a significant population of weavers was area at the time of Thomas' arrival there. His profession is listed in the 1851 census but I have not been able to decipher it. He may have worked in the weaving industry, as many in the area did, but likely came from a family of farmers back in Colchester.
 Sometime between 1852 and 1854 Thomas decided to emigrate with his family from England to Canada. A daughter, Hannah was born in Barnsley, October 24, 1852 and the third child, this writers great grandmother was born in Upper Mills, N.B., Canada on June 24, 1854. Susan's birth is the first indication they are now in Canada. The 1861 Canadian census Susan is listed as born in New Brunswick and is 6 years old. This indicates also that they had been in the province since about 1855. Also listed is another child, Thomas Jr., born two years earlier in New Brunswick, September 20, 1859.
 Tragedy struck the family with the death of Elizabeth Kettlewell Fairhead on November 3, 1872 in Upper Mills, N.B. She is buried in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery, St. Stephen, N.B. On December 24, 1878 Thomas married Elizabeth Miller. She died on February 11, 1894 in Upper Mills, N.B. and is also buried in the the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery. With Thomas marrying two women named Elizabeth it was a challenge trying to determine who's who.
October 20th, Thomas William Fairhead is born in Upper Mills, NB, Canada.
November 3rd, Elizabeth kettlewell Fairhead dies in Upper Mills, NB, Canada.
December 24th, Thomas Fairhead marrry's Elizabeth Miller from St. Andrews.
February 12th, Elizabeth Miller Fairhead dies in Upper Mills, NB, Canada.
September 24th, Thomas Fairhead Sr. dies in Upper Mills, NB, Canada.
Photo - Upper Mills School and Methodist Church. Courtesy Karen Northrup