William Cook is born. Eliza Clarke is born the same year.
The Cooks first child, Hannah, born at Watt Junction, November 15th.
Eliza Cook dies, June 9th. Gravestone indicates 1911 while reecords indicate 1909.

Cook - The First Generation in Canada

The Canadian records for the Cook side of the family indicate that more than likely the first generation was that of William and Eliza Cook. Oddly, it appears that Eliza's maiden name was Clark. It is possible that Eliza was a daughter of the first generation of Clarks in Canada as Thomas and Mary Ann Clark had a daughter Eliza whose apparent birth was 1834. Since dates are not always kept in synch census to census and gravestones often can indicate an incorrect death date it is possible that Eliza Clark Cooks' parents were in fact Thomas and Mary Ann Clark. After all, they can all be found in the St. James census. I had for a long time thought that according to the 1901 Canadian census she was born October 13, 1830. But, that was in St. George and that census states that she was born in N.B. So, now I doubt that this is correct. So, once again .... discovering ... a part of the journey to unlocking this puzzle. If her gravestone is used she was born in 1831 and died in 1911. If the 1871 census is used then she was born about 1835 and still yet if the 1881 census is used then she was born about 1833. You see the difficulty that can arise. Anyway ... until I find otherwise I'll use the dates of 1831 and 1911 as per her gravestone. William was born 1831, as indicated on his gravestone and died April 2, 1870. Eliza was born in England as indicated in both the 1871 and 1881 St. James, N.B., Canada census. Williams' birthplace has not been verified but is widely assumed that it was in England. This researcher will undoubtedly continue searching for this. The first records were marriage and then birth records of the Cook children. Most notably, the marriage of Eliza Clarke and William Cook on July 6, 1854 in Charlotte County, N.B., Canada. Hannah, this researchers great grandmother, the Cooks first child and Thomas Clarks future wife, was born in Watt Junction, Charlotte, N.B., Canada on November 15, 1856.
History - Significant events
William Cook and Eliza Clarke are married on July 6th.
William Cook dies April 2nd. He's buried in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery.
1909 1911
Photo - Honeydale, N.B., Canada Courtesy of Muriel Graham collection