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Clarks - Second Generation photos

     Thomas Clark and Hannah Cook (left) (2nd generation) were married in 1874 in Charlotte County, N.B. They had twelve children. The first child, Elizabeth was born in 1872 and followed by six girls and five boys. The last child, Myrtle, was born in 1896. Thankfully this family seemed to like to have their photos taken. Many have surfaced over the years. In the fall of 2008 I paid a visit to Muriel Graham in Tower Hill, N.B. and she presented a large cache of photos of the Clarks and others. Many of the photos on the next few pages came from her collection. Unfortunately, I think that collection may have been auctioned off after her death in 2009. I made scans of most of the photos she shared with me that day. Here, I present the results of that visit and thank Muriel for sharing her time, her stories and most of all the photos. Although Muriel had met me as an infant it was the first and only time I had met Muriel. I had hoped to visit her again the next year. She passed away January, 22, 2009 at the family homestead in Tower Hill, N.B.

      Hannah Cook (2nd generation) was born November 15, 1856 in Watt Junction, Charlotte County, N.B. She was the daughter of William Cook and Eliza Clark. It appears that Eliza, Hannah's mother, was actually the sister of Thomas Clark, Hannah's husband. If this is true, and based on records it is, Hannah was actually Thomas Clarks niece. Thomas was a soldier in the American Civil War and was living with his sister Eliza and her family, according to the 1871 census, after the war ended.

Photos courtesy of Muriel Graham collection.

     Thomas Clark (above) (2nd generation)was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, December 6, 1836. He emigrated from the U.K. with his parents to N.B., in 1849. He served in the American Civil War, was discharged and returned to N.B. taking up residence with his sister, Eliza Cook and her family, in Lawrence Station, N.B. He died in St. Stephen, N.B., April 22, 1916 and is buried in the St. Stephen Rural Cemetery.

Background Photo: Water St., St. Stephen, N.B.
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Hannah Clark (r) & daughter Myrtle's daughter Phyllis Anderson taken at 22 Carleton St., St Stephen, N.B.
Hannah Clark
Hannah Clark
Thomas Rollett Clark in Civil War Uniform