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William Cook
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 Thomas Clark Jr.
Thomas Fairhead Jr.
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James Montgomery
William J. Watters
Izetta Collins Lever

Background Photo - St. Stephen, N.B. from Calais, Maine - Courtesy and Copyright Tim Montgomery

      The photos at the top represent the families names that comprise my immediate family. They all came from one place or another in the British Isles, including Ireland, to what they likely hoped was a better existence in Eastern Canada. They all settled in Charlotte County, N.B., Canada. Proximity was important at that time in order for two people to unite in marriage. Travel was not easy and distance often dictated the events in their lives. So, it's likely each was a "neighbor" of the other.
     The Clarks and Cooks were from the same area in St. James parish in Charlotte County, N.B., The families were not only neighbors but in fact Thomas Clark who had been in the Union Army in the U.S. Civil War was living with Eliza Clark Cook, his sister, as indicated in the 1871 census. Her daughter, much younger than Thomas married him at the age of 14.
     The Montgomery's and Levers were also "Neighbors and can be traced to Leverville in St. David Parish, Charlotte County, N.B. Surely, this is where James and Izetta met. Interesting though, they married December 6th, 1866 in Calais, Maine. I've often wondered why they weren't married in Charlotte County and thought perhaps due to the fact that she was not quite 21 years of age. Maybe her parents wouldn't provide consent?
     The Watters and Fairhead families may have been a bit different to the others. The first Watters family, likely came from Ireland, perhaps Scotland. Their roots in Charlotte County begin in St. David Parish near Oak Bay. From there it appears that some family members moved to the Mohannes area and eventually to Upper Mills where the Fairheads and Watters families came together.

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