Who, what, when ........
     Where would I begin ? Well, you could provide a smart answer and say ... "The beginning of course!". But that's just it. Where did it all begin? History and historical events can be referenced to some degree, physical records, conversations, personal notes and even photos. However, a significant portion is derived from an understanding of where they likely came from, how they likely lived and historically what was happening at a given time. And, then a lot of that is deduced. You might say ... a story is created. I might even go as far as to say that some is speculation, perhaps close to the truth but not quite verifiable at 100%. But, as close as anyone will likely ever get considering that there is no possibility to return to our origins. So, as I write this I will let you know that I have taken some liberties. Otherwise , how would I ever write this? Consider it an account, an historical account, of the Montgomery family written by me, for me and my present and future family. I will forever welcome corrections, suggestions and anything else that will bring this account closer to the truth. However, remember, we likely all have our own interpretation and this is mine, Timothy Montgomery's!
     As you read forward you'll see that I have limited my discussion to the families that are my immediate descendents . My father, Arthur Moses Montgomery(1911-2005), was the third child of Ethel Clark(1885-1970) and Moses Lever Montgomery(1875-1942). My mother, Thelma Marie Watters(1916-2007), the first, and only daughter of Helen Watters(1900-1975) and Roy Darold Moreside(1897-1955) from a union that was never consecrated in marriage. My discussion of the Moreside family will be brief as I know so little of them. I'm told by locals in the St. Stephen, N.B. area there may have been a dispute many, many years ago and the family split. Some apparently took the name Moreshead and some Moreside. Could be lore, could be truth. Maybe even some combination of the two? I'm not sure I'll ever know. Needless to say this has made this a significant challenge over the past ten years to decipher and caused many years of confusion over who my mothers' father was.
     Continuing on the Montgomery side of the family, my grandfather Moses Lever Montgomery was the sixth child of Izetta Lever(1848-1908) and James Benjamin Montgomery(1834-1890). His wife, Ethel Clark, the sixth child of Thomas Rollett Clark(1836-1915) and Hannah Cook(1856-1944). Thomas, the second child of Thomas Clark(1807-1891) and Mary Ann Rollett(1801-1909) and Hannah, the first child of William Cook(1831-1870) and Eliza Clark(1830-1909).
     My maternal grandfather, Roy Darold Moreside, was the third child of James Edward Moreside(1868-?) and Annie May (Ida) English (1874-1953). On the Watters side, my grandmother, Helen Watters was the ninth child of William John Watters(1854-1936) and Susan Fairhead(1854-1935). Wiliiam, the second child of William Watters(abt. 1830-1864) and Elisabeth Ann Young(1834-1921) and Susan, the third child of Thomas Fairhead(1828-1906) and Elizabeth Kettlewell(1822-1872).
     To make this account reasonable to write and convey, I have decided to limit my discussion to the family names Montgomery, Lever, Clark, Cook, Watters and Fairhead. I have begun this journey but it is by no means complete. It really never ends. It really is a search of self and I'm not sure we ever get to that end. I will from time to time update these pages. I hope you enjoy this and you're able to learn a little more about these families that you knew before.
     For me, this is a fascinating journey. I knew so few of the people I've written about, but have learned so much about them I often feel like I knew them. I have found so much information over the past dozen years that as I read about them, or look at a photo from the 1800's I can grasp a sense of who they were. I find the good things and some of the not so good things that have happened in their pasts and at times have felt part of it. It has made me feel very happy at times and other times .... so sad. My hope is that if I have done this well, and I've been able to interpret my past on these pages, you, the reader will be able to have a similar experience. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I really appreciate any and all input.
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