James Montgomery born in Carmoney, Antrim, Ireland
James Montgomery and Jane (Unknown) are married in Carmoney, Antrim, Ireland
James Montgomery Sr. dies.
     More often than not it can be difficult to determine exact information about our past. Many conflicting records often cause confusion and raise more questions than answers. So, this information is my account and interpretation of my past. Some may pose doubt as to the validity of some information but it is just that ... information. Since this is so far in our past, with details buried in time, with many unrecoverable details, I can often only make the most logical assumptions on much of the data. The first setlers weren't as interested as I am today in preserving their past for future generations ... they were more likely trying to survive and eek a living from a new and unfamiliar place. Based on this here is my iterpretation of my past.

     Beginnings in the colony ...... It appears there were two Montgomery families. Both settled in Rollingdam (See links) at different times. An article (See links) published in The Saint Croix Courier, written by the Reverand Charles Montgomery Smith indicates that they were not related.
    This writers great, great grand father, James Montgomery arrived in the colony in 1830 as indicated in the 1851 Canada census. As is often found, names and especially dates seem like they may have been guessed at. Successive records will often have dates that conflict. As I have found, an immigration record of James Montgomery who arrived at the port of St. John, N.B. on a ship named The Trial (See links) in 1833 potentially conflicts. He was 24 years old so he would have been born in Ireland in 1809. This could possibly be my great, great grandfather. I'm not sure if that will ever be known but they very well could be the same person. The dates are only off by three years.
   It appears James may have been travelling with a man named John Montgomery who may also have been a brother or a cousin. He was 26 years old. Since there is only a two year age difference between them it could very well be that they are in fact brothers or at least related. Interestingly, John Montgomery, son of William Montgomery and Anna Creighton, was born in 1809. John Montgomery who emmigrated with James would have been born in 1807 according to the ships record (see links). I can't confirm that my Great, great grandfather James was or was not a brother or was even releated to William Montgomery. There is still work to be done to confirm the parentage of James Montgomery. Unlike the Reverand Charles Montgomery Smith, and others who subscribe to his statements, I do believe these families may have very well been related. However, since there is no current proof one way or the other my interpretation of the Montgomery's of Charlotte County begins with James and Jane Montgomery as emmigrants from Northern Ireland in 1830.
      James and Jane had seven children, Mary Jane (1824-1893), John (1826-1895), Margaret (1829 - 1906), Agnes Nancy (1832-?), James Benjamin (1834-1890), Robert (1837-1882) and Sarah (1841-?). It is theorized that the first three were born in Ireland and the remainder born in New Brunswick.
   As you can see from the HISTORY section on the right that dates conflict. I have located records that suggest the birth and marriage dates for James Montgomery Sr. to be earlier than I've stated in the paragraphs above.
Photo - James Benjamin Montgomery, son of James and Jane Montgomery - Unkown Date - Courtesy of K. Babcock
Ships Record
Jane Montgomery born in Greencastle, Carmoney, Ireland
James Benjamin Montgomery born November 8th in Chamcook, N.B.
1830 1833
Jane Montgomery dies in January.
James Montgomery emmigrates to Canada
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